More Star Wars women!

So I just came across yet ANOTHER uneducated, feminist nut-job article that once again only looks at Star Wars as a film trilogy (and 3 other ones) rather than the vast multimedia franchise it is (even though in this article they actually used the word ‘series’, not ‘movie series’. Just… wow). And even though I already listed quite a few (18 to be exact), I have decided once again to post a list of even more female Star Wars characters. I have to stress again that Star Wars is a multimedia franchise and that is not opinion, that is fact. Want evidence? Go to a book store or video game store and there you go. The Expanded Universe DOES count, so deal with it. So, with that said, here are more Star Wars women from the Expanded Universe! (I won’t go into detail this time around because I want those moronic people who ignorantly discredit the Expanded Universe to do some actual research.)

Lumiya (real name: Shira Elan Colla Brie)

Steela Gerrera

Winter Celchu


Syal Antilles (alias: Lysa Dunter)

Nelani Dinn

Kolir Hu’lya

Heilan Rotham

Cha Niathal

Tahira Veila

Tiu Zax

Aidel Saxan

Bria Tharen


Salla Zend

Katya M’Buele

Darth Talon

Deliah Blue

Marasiah Fel

Darth Maladi

Nyna Calixte

Gunn Yage

Ania Solo

Mirta Gev

Ailyn Vel

Sintas Vel

Hylo Visz

Satele Shan

Serra Keto

Mission Vao


Meetra Surik




Vima Da Voda

Lady Kira

Jem Ysanna

Tionne Solusar

Kirana Ti


Birra Seah


Tess Alder

Ardana Cinn


Seren Song

Shaak Ti (again, seen in the background of the movies but given a character in the Clone Wars stories and in The Force Unleashed)

There. I just named 48 more female characters. On top of my other list which was a mere 18 (17+1 group, remember) for a total of 66 female characters. And once again, these are NOT all of the Star Wars female characters. These are just 66 of them. And yes, these 66 and a whole lot more aren’t just in the background, they actually accomplish things, have personalities and are generally strong willed/minded characters. 66. Plus Leia herself, so 67. And these women aren’t just humans. So, there ya go. Tell me again that Star Wars is just a one-woman show. I dare you.


Another Star Wars Expanded Universe rant!

**I’m planning to make this into a video soon**

The Star Wars Expanded Universe is, well, just what it is - an expanded universe! It expands the mass franchise (universe) of Star Wars storytelling through various forms of media, such as novels, comic books, video games, short stories published in the magazine and other such things. People seem to overlook that Star Wars has become a multimedia franchise, especially when the evidence is right there in front of them. Yes, Star Wars did start out as a movie series, but it gave us such a rich setting that had great potential for expansion and that’s what we got through the Expanded Universe. It gives us new characters we come to enjoy and relate to and we see them grow, as well as give new character developments and traits to the characters we first saw and grew up with in the films. If you thought the first film alone gave you such a rich science fiction story with awesome elements of the genre, then why not check out what the Expanded Universe offers? It’s still Star Wars, it isn’t a spin-off of Star Wars called… some other thing that takes place in a different galaxy. It’s part of the whole story of Star Wars. And isn’t that what Star Wars is? A story? Sure, it’s a story that’s told over the course of about 35,000 years, but it’s all Star Wars. It all fits together like a 35,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Oh sure, some casual movie-goer will tell you that it (the EU) is full of holes and it’s just a Force-forsaken broken down mess, but in reality, it isn’t. Are there some flaws here or there? Of course there are, but then again, what in Bane’s name doesn’t have flaws? It doesn’t even come close to the number of flaws casual fans say it has. Star Wars, to a lot of us fans, is a big multimedia story that we’ve come to enjoy over it’s 35,000 year span (well, 30+ year span in our time). 

Now for the whole ‘business’ thing. Yes, I get it, Disney isn’t the magical wonderland we thought it was when we were kids; it’s a big corporate conglomerate, perhaps the biggest. But here’s what I don’t understand - why are they doing so many things that will lose them money? Yeah, I know, inevitably they’ll make a huge bundle, but they could be making more if they kept the Expanded Universe going and canon, wouldn’t they? Let’s take a look:

1) The Star Wars fanbase is largely made up of Expanded Universe fans, in fact I’d say the majority is. So, by basically shoving 30+ years of storytelling and countless new characters, ships, enemies and timeless stories into the trash compactor, it pissed off the majority of the fanbase and thus won’t buy any of the new stuff because why should we bother with their new stuff if they won’t bother with the original stuff?

2) Basing the sequel trilogy off whatever series of books they choose would make them more money. Why? Not necessarily because the EU fans want to see their favourite stories as movies, but rather, the casual fans will watch it and say ‘hmm, this is something new and I should read those books now’. Not only will they go see the movie because it’s new to them, but they’ll buy the multiple books/comics/video games to go along with them. Now I’ve heard that tired argument that the casual fans keep trying to argue: ‘Well, we want something new!’ Now remember, those are what the CASUAL fans are saying. And the frankly obvious rebuttal I say is: If you haven’t read the stories in the first place, how would the movies based on them not be new to you? I’ve also heard the argument that it wouldn’t be as successful if it was based off books. Really? How much money has Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings/Hobbit films made? Return of the King is one of the highest grossing films of all time! What about The Hunger Games? Or hell, the Marvel COMIC BOOK movies everyone seems to love based off of COMIC BOOKS? Every movie nowadays is either a sequel, prequel, spin-off, reboot or adaptation anyway. Hollywood is OUT of movie ideas, my friends. But they still make money anyway.

3) And speaking of Marvel Comics, does anyone recall the Ultimate comics? They were new, alternate universes that was being written alongside the mainstream comics. Both were successful and even popular. So, why not do the same thing here? Why not have the new story group for the Disney canon, and keep Leland Chee for the ‘Legends’ banner? If the ‘Legends’ stories are all non-canon anyway, why not continue them? Think about it, authors can write anything they want because they will in no way conflict with Disney’s official canon because the ‘Legends’ are NOT canon anyway. I really see no reason to not continue with the original series if it doesn’t conflict with the new reboot. And hey, the original fans would buy the new ‘Legends’ stories and they’d make MORE money!

4) Getting rid of LucasArts, which possibly means no more Star Wars video games. This one speaks for itself… 

So, why did Disney throw away the Expanded Universe in favour of their own? Because it would limit their creativity? Uhm, no. Just… no. Here’s why:

1) That’s like saying every new author is limited with every new story they told in the Expanded Universe. For instance, James Luceno’s Darth Plagueis came out mid-2013. Remember, 30+ years of Expanded Universe. Was he limited? No and he managed to fit in an awesome story and some new elements to Star Wars.

2) You have Leland Chee who overlooks story continuity and has done a great job after all this time, so obviously you’d have someone from the continuity department.

3) (this one ties into #2) Disney’s new Expanded Universe is already borrowing so much from the original EU anyway, so why discredit it? It’s like cheating on a test. The villain of the Rebels show and even the villains of Episode VII as we’ve learned are Sith Inquisitors. Are Inquisitors new to Star Wars? No, they’ve been around since the mid-1990s, and they’re exactly what they were back then - dark side users, not Sith Lords, employed by the Empire to hunt down Jedi and assigned and are loyal to Darth Vader. Not to mention, they’ve said things from the EU are going to, as they put it, ‘creep into’ their new stories. I also find it funny that Disney needs a new close-knit story group to oversee continuity. Didn’t we already have that with Leland Chee? I thought he did a damn fine job of keeping everything together.

And look, I get it, the term ‘Legends’ means that they’re old, epic stories told that aren’t necessarily true, or at least didn’t happen in the way we were told, but I think it’s still annoying how we aren’t getting any new ones.

Do I still love the Original Trilogy? Yes, I do. But I also love the expansion of it. Even before I got into the Expanded Universe when I was younger, I still heard about it and appreciated it and was glad that when I got older, a new universe of stories was waiting for me in different forms. That’s what it’s like for many fans, in fact many fans got into Star Wars because of it. Star Wars does not belong to the corporation, even if a piece of paper and some money signs say otherwise. It belongs to us, the fans. It binds us and this galaxy together, like the Force. It IS our Force, in a way. So, may the Force be with us all as our rebellion goes forward. And to Disney, I humbly ask - continue the stories under the ‘Legends’ banner. We need them.




I’m not stupid, I’m not a misogynist, I’m not against equality. I am all for equality that’s why I’m not a feminist. Feminism is a hate group against anyone with an opinion different from their own. Feminism thinks that anyone against their opinion is a piece of shit that should get ran over. I need humanism where everyone including men can be completely equals, and learn and take a step forward the rational and mature way.


Star Wars women

Okay, first off - I know I haven’t been on Tumblr for a while (kkkkkkkkkkinda forgot I had it… oops). Second, over the course of the past few months (maybe 3, I don’t know) I’ve seen a lot of feminist bullshit going around that Star Wars only has 1 good female character (Princess Leia, duh) in the 6 movies. Yes, 1 good/strong female… in the MOVIES (well not after Episode VII; and yes, I’m including all 6 movies because Padme Amidala sucks total shit). I’m very glad to burst your bubble here in saying Star Wars has way more strong women in the Expanded Universe, as well as also making Leia look even more badass (if that was possible already). And I don’t care if those idiots who write these ‘Star Wars is anti-female’ bullshit articles haven’t read the books/comic books or played the video games. Just because they haven’t, doesn’t mean the rest of us (the actual fans) haven’t and can prove you oh so wrong. First off, I have to tell you that it isn’t the franchise’s fault you can’t get off your fat ass and go to the library to take out an EU book or comic or go to the video game store to buy one of the games. The Expanded Universe is there to expand upon the movies, it’s part of the saga. That’s one. Number two is now I’m gonna list some of those awesome female characters that those dumbasses have been missing out on (which again, is their own damn fault); also, spoiler free, because if you want to know the full extent, I’m forcing you to delve into the awesome EU:

1 - Mara Jade-Skywalker: first appearing in Timothy Zahn’s ‘Heir to the Empire’ (the first in The Thrawn Trilogy). I feel really bad for those ‘fans’ who don’t know about Mara. She is so kickass that her scenes in the books and comics come right off the pages and play out so vivid in your mind. Raised by the Emperor as one of his personal aides (his Hands), Mara was trained (somewhat) with the dark side and with a lightsaber and is given one hell of a character development. She of course went on to become a Jedi, marry Luke and was mother to her and his son, Ben.


2 - Ahsoka Tano: from the 2008-2014 ‘The Clone Wars’ animated series. Before I say anything about her, I have to say - The Clone Wars was amazing. Period. Seriously, skip Episodes I and II and start with The Clone Wars and then Episode III as prequels. But now to Ahsoka - Anakin’s apprentice. And I know what you’re thinking - ‘the Jedi Council gave Anakin an apprentice? Really?’ Well, if you watched the series, the writers actually made the Jedi Order in the prequel era very likeable - EVEN ANAKIN. So it made total sense that they gave him one. She goes through an arc similar to Luke -  she starts off juvenile and somewhat immature, but as the series progresses she matures into a calm, collected Jedi Knight (technically she isn’t knighted until the end, but that whole thing is spoiler territory). I’ll admit, at first I didn’t like her, but as she progressed, I definitely started to see how friggin’ awesome she was. By the middle of season three, she is full-on badass.


3 - Asajj Ventress: Clone Wars era (not just the 2008 series). Born into the Nightsisters clan on Dathomir, raised as a Jedi, went rogue and trained as a Sith assassin by Count Dooku, betrayed and returned to the Nightsisters, then became a lone bounty hunter, wields two curved-hilt red lightsabers and has minor dark side use. Does a lot in the era she’s in, she’s awesome.


4 - Shae Vizla: from The Old Republic series (no relation to Pre Viszla of Mandalore from the Clone Wars era). Mandalorian warrior, going toe-to-toe with Jedi, fears no Sith. ‘Nuff fucking said.


5 - Bastila Shan: from The Old Republic series. Jedi Padawan/Sentinel during the Jedi Civil War, leader, kickass with a double-bladed lightsaber.


6 - Juno Eclipse: The Force Unleashed series. Extremely skilled and trained in military tactics, exceptional pilot and easily and quickly risen in Imperial ranks and noticed by her superiors, including Vader himself. Able to see good triumph over evil and one of the first Rebel Alliance members and acted as the light in Marek’s life.


7 - Jaina Solo: born during the Thrawn campaign. Daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia, twin sister of Jacen Solo aka Darth Caedus, older sister to Anakin Solo, niece to Luke Skywalker. Strong with the Force like her mother and uncle at birth and raised as an exceptional Jedi Knight, Jaina was also trained by Boba Fett himself to defeat (as in kill) her evil-turned brother during the Second Galactic Civil War in an epic lightsaber duel.


8 - Mother Talzin and the Nightsisters clan of Dathomir: the Nightsisters first appeared in the 1994 novel ‘The Courtship of Princess Leia’ and Mother Talzin was introduced in season three of The Clone Wars (and the Nightsisters were reintroduced along with her). The Nightsisters are Force-sensitive beings that reside on the planet Dathomir, and are led by the witch Mother Talzin, who not only has Force abilities but a different mystical kind of power as well. They can put up one hell of a fight and remember - that’s where Asajj Ventress came from.


9 - Bo Katan: The Clone Wars series. Mandalorian warrior, part of Death Watch, loyal to her people, can more than easily defend herself during a huge cross-planet war. And on Mandalore, that’s no small event. Like all Mandalorians, she’s a badass warrior. And like Shae Vizla before her (no relation) she fears no Sith.


10 - Satine Kryze: The Clone Wars. Duchess of Mandalore during the Clone Wars, the love of Obi-Wan Kenobi (trust me, watch the episodes and it makes more sense, it isn’t a cheesy thing), sister of Bo Katan and believer in peace. That’s right, she’s not a warrior. She’s awesome because she strives for peace and won’t be bullied by her enemies to change her views, even when her enemies put her in jail. She’s very much like Mon Mothma.


11 - Aurra Sing: The Clone Wars. Former Jedi (who’s past in the Order is murky) but now infamously known for being a bounty hunter and mentor to young Boba Fett. Takes no shits from anyone and will shoot you without any hesitation or chance for a counter attack. Extremely strategic and skilled. Selfish, sure, but she’s a bounty hunter, what do you expect?


12 - Komari Vosa: in between Episodes I and II. Extremely promising Jedi Padawan to Count Dooku, then turned to the Dark Jedi path and became a ruthless crime lord. Impeccable warrior and dark side user and like Aurra Sing, takes shits from no one.


13 - Guri: Shadows of the Empire series. Okay, this one might be cheating a bit, because she is technically a droid, but honestly, you start to forget that. She’s one of those made to pass as human droids. She’s so badass, even if it is because of her being a droid, but damn, SHE is still amazing. The way Steven Perry describes her movements, or if you’ve read the comic sequel, Shadows of the Empire: Evolution, you can see her just jump off the page and become real.


(14-17 were introduced in the movies, but were expanded upon and given more character in the EU… well, duh)

14 - Mon Mothma: The Clone Wars/Original Trilogy era. One of the founders of the Rebel Alliance and military leader and then New Republic leader, Mon Mothma is a strong leader who knows when to concede and when to stand her ground and who’s moral principles, while seeming questionable at times, are actually kind of inspiring.


15 - Aayla Secura: The Clone Wars. Yes, I know she was in Episodes II and III for like 6 seconds total, but she was actually given a character in The Clone Wars series. Secura is a Twi’lek Jedi Knight. A silent warrior, I like to call her. She’ll fight only when she has to. She knows that peace is the one true solution and gives off the vibe that her soldiers come to respect. But when she does fight, she is awesome.


16 - Luminara Unduli: The Clone Wars. Same thing with Secura - given an actual fucking character in the series. Luminara is much like Secura, but she possesses more of motherly nurturing type combined with that of a straight-up warrior. 


17 - Barriss Offee: The Clone Wars. Yep, same character thing as the last two. Apprentice to Luminara Unduli, Offee became good friends with Tano and over time she saw what many citizens of the Republic came to realize - that the Jedi Order is truly crumbling because of this war. The last five episodes of season five with her… wow.


So there. I just named 17 (well technically 18 since Mother Talzin and the Nightsisters are 2…) fucking Star Wars female characters that are awesome, serve a purpose, have strong personalities and/or are extremely memorable. And no, this isn’t all of them, not by a long shot, these are just a mere 18 I remembered off the top of my head while writing this. Stop saying Star Wars only has one fucking strong female character. Yes, Leia is fucking awesome, both in the movies and as a Jedi in the EU. But it isn’t just her. The Star Wars saga is filled with female characters like her. So how about doing some Forcedamn homework before writing these stupid bullshit articles and find out about these characters for yourself. Just because they aren’t in the movies, doesn’t mean they’re not part of the saga. The books, comic books and video games are all a part of it, you know. It’s a SAGA. (Even with the new canon; not that the new canon changes the fact these older stories/characters still exist.) And if you think Star Wars is just a movie trilogy (and three shitty in-name only prequel movies) and should only adhere to the movie-going public, then you have another thing coming entirely. As in a lightsaber punch to the face.


Arya Stark is a Jedi

So I just finished watching Game of Thrones season 1 (finally, I know) and it was awesome and looking forward to season 2. So far, my favourite character, by far, is Arya Stark (well my 3 favourite are her, Daenerys and Tyrion, but Arya is my favourite overall) because she’s very much like some of the Skywalkers in Star Wars. Like Luke Skywalker, she’s a rebel in that she wants to be something more than what she is now. Though she was of high class because of her family and Luke and his aunt and uncle were simple farmers on Tatooine during Imperial times, both Arya and Luke want to leave him and go on their own adventures. Because of certain tragic circumstances, both are able to do so and along the way are trained to be warriors - Luke is of course trained by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, whereas Arya was trained by Syrio Ferel and The Hound (both had two mentors and yes I do know Arya travels with The Hound in later seasons). In fact, in the season 1 episode ‘The Pointy End’, Syrio tells Arya as their training ‘watching is not seeing’, which very much reminded me of when Kenobi told Luke (as he was training with the remote on the Falcon with his lightsaber) ‘your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them’. And they also share something similar regarding their fathers, because as both their fathers were warriors, so to do they want to train and become like them. When Syrio tells Arya to catch the cat, that reminds me of simple tasks Yoda instructed Luke to do on Dagobah. Also, both Luke and Arya go through a progression arc where they get more mature and stronger, both internally and physically. And from what I can tell, she wants to kill Joffrey when she has completed her training as a warrior (I saw a clip of her and The Hound talking about it). This reminds me of Jaina Solo, when she was trained by Boba Fett, an experienced yet rogue-ish badass who isn’t one of the good guys (unless The Hound is, but he doesn’t necessarily strike me as one yet, so if he is, I apologize if I got that wrong). It also reminds me of how Luke wanted to defeat Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back because he wast old his father was killed by him, like how Joffrey had Arya’s father killed (the difference of course being Arya was present when the villain killed her father). Honestly, I’d love to see a fan film or fan fiction or something where Arya, just for no reason other than she’s so fucking cool and awesome and badass, has a freaking lightsaber. That would so cool!!! :D

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